My Azure Dashboard Privacy Policy - Infinite Square

Infinite Square is committed to protect personal information pertaining to every user of the ‘My Azure Dashboard’ application. This confidentiality policy describes the type of information collected by ‘My Azure Dashboard’, and how this information is used.

By using this application, users accept the collection by Infinite Square of the personal data described and according to the terms of this document.

Information collected

No personal loggin is required to launch ‘My Azure Dashboard’. At the first start of the application, the user is asked to click on a button to allow a ‘’.publicsettings’’ file to be imported. This file contains the user’s Azure subscription information, and the certificates to allow remote management.

Infinite Square will disclose these personal data only and exclusively under the following circumstances:

·        To comply with laws and regulations

·        To protect the rights or intellectual property of Infinite Square

Accessing and transferring your personal information

Personal information collected at the initial start of ‘My Azure Dashboard’ is stored and used locally by the application. This data is not exported and it will not be shared with third parties by any means without the explicit written consent of the user, except under the specific circumstances described above.

Changes in this confidentiality policy

Infinite Square may change this document at any time. In the event Infinite Square manages the personal information in any different way from the terms described in the present document, users will be notified by announcements published in the ‘My Azure Dashboard’ application.